This gives me life

How music changed from 2000-2013. 

i feel so fucking old right now…

Anyone else notice how more songs were in a minor key at the beginning of the video?

Some thoughts, that I felt like writing down.


To all the artists out there that are feeling in a rut right now; that feel stuck and that everything they do doesn’t look like it works. That are frustrated because they have so much they want to do and feel like they have so little time, and they just want to get somewhere so bad but know they have to go through a series of hurdles to get there and it’s freaking overwhelming. 

You’re not alone. We’re gonna get through this together. It’s frustrating as hell, but it’s gonna be okay. Because this is just a small part of the journey, and it’s going to get better. It’s already confirmed that it’s gonna happen. It’s decided, that thing you want to happen so badly: it’s already happened - it’s just a matter of time for it to come into the present, you just gotta keep your eyes peeled open and let it come before you.

So keep going. Keep working. Keep pushing through this frustrating part and don’t let it swamp you over, swim with the wave. You got my support. You’re gonna get through this and its gonna be worth it. Fist bump. And paint and draw your heart out.  

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you know what i fucking hate? anime. you know what i spend all my time watching? anime.

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one of my favorite things about the rivals-to-lovers trope is when one of them, at the beginning of their relationship, grumbles about how much they hate the other person’s awful face and i sort of cackle to myself like, oh man. you’re going to have it so bad. it’s going to be so great. you are going to love the CRAP out of that awful face. you’ll be composing delicious, pining, sappy sonnets about it. i love it. 

Paintings in Detail > CATS 2/?

Natalie Dormer does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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im not sure if u can tell but mukkun is kicking murochin to stop because he cant be even bothered to get up and shake murochin off