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spndork replied to your post:Follow me on twitter cause I’m literally having a…
I do that too with mine. started following :)

thank you, let’s complain together then <3

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holdme-staywithme replied to your post:Follow me on twitter cause I’m literally having a…
i’ll give a follow but i’m basically never on there but it’s the thought that counts right, being there in spirit

Yes thank you, your spirit is enough, I usually just talk to myself when I’m on there anyway <3

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sharkifer replied to your post:Follow me on twitter cause I’m literally having a…
apparently I should be on twitter more often, oh your tweets! :’D

i only use twitter to whine about my miserable life tbh but YES please be there more often <3

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#i have like 2 friends on twitter

Follow me on twitter cause I’m literally having a long conversation with myself right now and it’s making me sad

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#such an unpopular ship tho and will never be canon


i ship me and money

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More punk au!
Dean and Cas pencil doodles from earlier today~

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#90% of my students lol


Do you ever look at 9 year olds and just know they’re gonna be a fuckin douche in 6/7 years.

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It’s okay, Seb. Take your time. [x]

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So, uni deadlines are out the way and I’m in need of a little money so I thought I’d have a go at opening commissions!

  • Sketches done at 8x6 inches at 300dpi will be coloured grey with a light source that can be normal sunlight or any colour you want!
  • Full Colour done at 12x8 inches at 300dpi will be coloured like above (more examples [x] [x] )

Will do:
OC’s to fanart and any couples/pairings.
Wont do:
Gore, Furry/animals(I can do ears and tails though!) Large Machinery, NSFW(can do mild stuff but email to ask and I’ll let you know!)

Send an email to Jings@live(dot)co.uk with the following:

Your name:
Paypal Email:
Character Name(s) and Source:
Image type: (Waist/Full body Sketch(and light colour) or Waist/Full body Full Colour)
Character Personality:
References: (At least 2 images linked/attached or a detailed paragraph of characters looks)

Payment by Paypal only in GBP.

Once paid I will send you a sketch to see if everything looks alright then I will get to lining and colouring! (For Full Colour only) Please give me around 2/3 weeks to complete a full colour and 1 week for a sketch!


  • Once the sketch commission or the line art for the full colour commission has been started, no refunds can be given.

  • I hold the right to decline any commission if I do not feel comfortable with the request.

  • Artwork will not be started until payment is made.

Feel free to send an email just to ask questions!
More art by me [x]
Thank you for looking! (:

YOYO Jo is a good friend of mine and her are is super cute and great, y’all should definitely think about commissioning her c;